barbury international point to point

Keepers are set to be rewarded at the innovative Barbury International Point-to-Point on Saturday January 20th 2018, courtesy of a new award by Equine Products UK Ltd, manufacturers of a range of nutritional supplements and tonics.

The award, part of a broader effort to reach horsemen in the Wiltshire and Berkshire area, will offer the leading Keeper on that date £500 worth of supplements. Scores will be based on a points system for horses placed first to fourth and also finishers.

“We’re delighted to support Barbury at large, and the International in particular,” commented Robyn Waterson of Equine Products UK Ltd. “Matching the Irish against the UK Pointers is a terrific idea and can only help endorse the young horse market in the UK. Barbury is central to so many horsemen in the counties of Wiltshire, Berkshire and Gloucestershire, so this makes excellent sense to us.”

Peter McNeile, for Barbury Races, added,”The International Point-to-Point at Barbury is one of the most valuable in the UK, with nearly £6,000 on offer. In this division of racing where prizes are capped for the most part beow £1,000, this is a huge card. We’re already receiving interest from Ireland, so Equine Products UK Ltd support can only help reward that interest to best effect.”

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