This year has been tough for everyone, but for the eventing community it has been particularly frustrating. Early in the year the bottomless winter ground made bringing horses back into work a misery and then of course the severe restrictions of lockdown hit. 2020 has been hard work! Now, while it’s amazing news that eventing can resume, riders are faced with bullet hard ground, cancelled events and a rejigged calendar.
Those who know they have an event to aim are revving up training plans. If that’s you, why not take a closer look at some of the products that form the cornerstones of the training programs of professional and amateur riders alike.

Supporting your preparation
You’ve been nailing the fitness work, boxing to the cross-country course for some schooling and working hard with dressage and show jumping trainers to ensure you’ve nailed extended trot and can turn on a sixpence… but what else can you do to give yourself the best chance of success? There’s Premier E, which is a powerful antioxidant and amino acid supplement that helps mop up free radicals in the muscle tissue and build healthy muscles. It’s perfect to ensure your horse is getting the right nutrients to build muscle.
Haemavite B is a highly palatable supplement designed to assist in the maintenance of healthy blood levels. It is a great choice to feed prior to an event to assist maximum levels of essential blood nutrients needed by equines when in hard work. It contains four key elements designed to assist in the maintenance of healthy blood levels – vitamins B6, B12, iron and folic acid.

Nailing it on the day
Bathed, plaited and polished to perfection? It’s time to get out there and compete! But are there any products which can help you get a competitive edge whilst staying firmly on the right side of FEI rules and regs?
FLAIR® Strips are self-adhesive strips which support the soft tissues of the horse’s nasal area. This helps to prevent them collapsing and therefore reducing fatigue, conserving energy and helping them breathe easier during exercise. Horses fitted with FLAIR® Strips during intensive exercise have been shown to use 5-7% less energy and the incidence of exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) is reduced. That’s why we think FLAIR® Strips should have a place in every eventers kit bag ready for the cross-country phase!

Rest and recovery
Once the fun of the event is done and dusted, it’s important to check legs and make sure your horse is supported during recovery from the stresses and strains of the day. Relax is our extremely popular cooling leg and hoof clay and it’s the perfect balm for post cross-country legs. It’s totally natural clay with added witch hazel for extra cooling and it washes off easily with just water.
You also need to replace the ionised body salts that your horse will have lost during exercise. Restore-Lyte Powder contains all the electrolytes you need to help your horse recover from the day as well as antioxidant vitamin C. It’s important to feed electrolytes during your preparation for events too (indeed after all intense exercise) but it’s worth taking this in the lorry, particularly during the hottest months of the year.

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