• Relax

    Cool and Soothing Leg & Hoof Clay
  • Copper-Trition

    Supplemental Copper to assist growth and development in deficient areas, with essential vitamins.
  • Haemavite B Plus Powder
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    Haemavite B Plus Powder 10 X 50g

    High concentration Iron, Trace Element and Vitamin Supplement – Ideal booster pre competition
  • Optima BCAA Paste 3 X 57g

    Branch Amino Acid paste for muscle protection and development
  • Iron Plus Paste 3 X 30g

    Iron & B Vitamin Tonic
  • Haemavite B Plus Liquid

    Iron and B Vitamin Tonic for energy and recuperation.
  • No Ties

    Alkali provider – assists to neutralise accumulated lactic acid
  • Muscle Maker 1KG

    Muscle Growth Supplement
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  • Equine Energiser

    Non Glucose energy source – provides constant slow release energy for the long distance equine athlete.
  • Ly-Pic+ 6 X 40g

    Novel Antioxidant with Vitamins for energy metabolism.
  • DMG 2000 2kg

    For Oxygen Utilisation and Lactic Acid Control
  • Optima BCAA Powder 500g

    Branch Chain Amino Acid Powder for muscle protection and development