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Welcome to Equine Products UK Ltd

Equine Products UK Ltd is a company committed towards maintaining and establishing its renowned worldwide reputation for superior products that assist the horse to maximise its athletic performance through nutritional supplementation. Equine Products UK Ltd consistently meets customer expectations while complying with applicable statutory regulations by applying the defined standards within the organisation, with the suppliers and our customers.

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  • I use Equine Products UK Ltd Supplements because quiet simply, Good Products Win Prizes.

    Ben Hobday

    International Event Rider

  • Since using the Equine Products UK range I have noticed a significant improvement in performance and physicality of my horses.

    Harriet Nuttall

    International Showjumper

  • Winner of Horse of The Year Show 2016

    Rachel Proudly

    Pony Showjumper

  • Great Products that work and I use in my training programme. Transvite and Premier E are an integral part of my feeding plan and the results I have seen are exceptional.

    Neil Mulholland

    Leading UK National Hunt Trainer

  • Top class products from a company in business for more than thirty years, gives me trust and confidence I am using the best products on the market for my horses.

    William Haggas

    Classic Winning & Leading UK Trainer

  • With No Ties I know that my horses won’t have muscle problems or stiffness from tying up. I find it particularly beneficial in mares and is an important part of my feeding regime.

    Willie Mullins

    Champion Trainer

  • Transvite from Equine Products UK is a superb probiotic product which helps my horses maintain a healthy digestive system. I find it helps the horses hold condition and form throughout the year. It keeps them healthy on the inside and looking great on the outside.

    Richard Hannon

    Classic winning and Champion Trainer

  • The Equine Products UK Ltd range of supplements and tonics ensure my horses perform and recover to their maximum potential. They are products I highly recommend and rely upon.

    Harry Fry

    Leading UK National Hunt Trainer

  • Equine Products UK offer a superb range of supplements and tonics that I use routinely in my training and feeding programme. These products are manufactured to the highest standard and represent trust and success for me.

    Karl Burke

    Leading UK Trainer

  • I use a number of the Equine Products UK range and routinely feed the electrolyte Restore-Lyte to all the horses, both at home and when competing because maintaining the correct electrolyte balance is fundamental to hydration and performance. We also use the coolant clay, Relax, after competition and strenuous training sessions. It is very effective and easy to use on my event horses.

    Caroline Powell

    International Event Rider

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