• Transvite from Equine Products UK is a superb probiotic product which helps my horses maintain a healthy digestive system. I find it helps the horses hold condition and form throughout the year. It keeps them healthy on the inside and looking great on the outside.

    Richard Hannon

    Classic winning and Champion Trainer

  • With No Ties I know that my horses won’t have muscle problems or stiffness from tying up. I find it particularly beneficial in mares and is an important part of my feeding regime.

    Willie Mullins

    Champion Trainer

  • I use a number of the Equine Products UK range and routinely feed the electrolyte Restore-Lyte to all the horses, both at home and when competing because maintaining the correct electrolyte balance is fundamental to hydration and performance. We also use the coolant clay, Relax, after competition and strenuous training sessions. It is very effective and easy to use on my event horses.

    Caroline Powell

    International Event Rider

  • I use Equine Products UK Restore-Lyte Gel as a recovery aid for my horses after racing and galloping. It is an excellent product to replace lost electrolytes quickly and helps the horse to achieve its maximum potential.

    Richard Fahey

    Group 1 winning Trainer

  • Since using the Equine Products UK range I have noticed a significant improvement in performance and physicality of my horses.

    Harriet Nuttall

    International Showjumper

  • The impressive specifications and technical advice from Equine Products UK enable me to realise all the benefits of correct nutritional management. We routinely use FlexiVite HA to support the horse’s joints and it is especially helpful for long term soundness in more mature horses. Restore-Lyte is vital, as it ensures electrolyte balance and hydration levels are correct, with a carbohydrate energy source to assist performance and recovery. I feed Selenavite E to ensure the correct vitamins and minerals are in the diet and linseed oil for exceptional skin and coat condition.

    Ruth Edge

    International Event Rider

  • Cal-Phos from Equine Products UK is an excellent Calcium and Phosphorus product that we feed to all our stock to help with skeletal development and soundness. In using the Equine Products UK range, Baroda & Coblinstown Stud can rest assured that our horses are receiving the best possible start in life.

    David Cox

    Manager of Baroda Stud

  • Using the Equine Products UK range makes me feel comfortable knowing that I am giving my horses and clients the best possible products and recommendations available. Equine Products UK has been producing top quality products for over 30 years and for me, that represents trust and success.

    Dr. Sujeet Suryawanshi M.V.S.c (Surgery) FEI, ECAHO, EEF, EAHS vet

    Endurance, Show Jumping, Racing and Arab Breeding & Arab Shows Vet

  • Selenavite E is a comprehensive and quality supplement which contains all the essential vitamins and minerals my horses require. It is an integral part of my feeding programme.

    Nicky Richards

    Grade 1 winning Trainer

  • In feeding Premier E from Equine Products UK, I know that my horse’s nutritional requirements are met and they will be able to perform to their potential. This super Vitamin E product is my go-to product every day.

    Musabbah Al Muhairi

    Oasis Racing Stable, Dubai

  • Using the Equine Products UK range gives me confidence as I am using products manufactured to the highest standards.

    Patrick Prendergast

    Group winning Irish Trainer

  • Haemavite B Plus from Equine Products UK is an integral part of my feeding programme supplying B vitamins and Iron. Feeding this product ensures my animals’ blood levels are maintained to perform at the peak performance levels required for top competition.

    Dr. Shafeeq Mohamed Rajab

    M.R.C.V.S Deira Veterinary Clinic

  • Equine Products UK range is an essential part of my training regime. In feeding these tried and tested products, I know I am ensuring my horse’s wellbeing and maximum performance is met on a daily basis.

    Mr. Majed Al Jahouri

    Al Wathba Stables for the H.H. Sheik Mansour Bin Zayed

  • The Equine Products UK range for me represents years of experience and trust, and for me this means success. Using these products gives me total confidence and peace of mind that I am providing my horses with the best platform for maximum performance and health.

    Bettina Andersen

    Trainer of Champion Older Horse Footstepsofspring in Denmark

  • Dressage is a sport which requires the horse to perform athletic controlled movements and can affect the wear and tear on joints such as the hocks. Flexivite HA from Equine Products UK has made a huge difference to the training and competing of the horses on my yard.

    Kirsty Prudon

    Dressage Rider

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    Calcium and phosphorous are two of the most important macro-minerals

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